Contact person is Sanel Koric (skipper, guide, owner of agency Raft-Kor)

who will welcome you very nicely, spend all day with you.

Make sure that every moment of your precious time will be used and planned

in the best way possible.


He is always at your disposal if you need to adapt the time with your requests.

He speaks: Holland, English, Russian and Czech language !

Sanel Koric has a long experience as a skipper on Neretva and as a guide on mountain.



All information for Rafting, accommodation in Konjic you can contact him on:

Phone: +387 61 474 507


Facebook: Rafting Neretva Sanel Koric

Twitter : Rafting Neretva - KOR

Address: Ĺ ehidska 4,

88400 Konjic

Bosnia and Herzegovina